Eikoh Hosoe

Trusting the Buddha, good and bad, I bid farewell to the departing year.

haiku by Issa Kobayashi


Eikoh Hosoe was born on the 18 March 1933 and is a Japanese photographer and filmmaker emerged in the experimental arts movement of post-World War 2 Japan. Eikoh Hosoe was twelve years old in 1945, date of the two atomic explosions.Eikoh does not employ the reportage style to documents events, he chooses a very different style of expression in that instead of the scars and surgery of the survivors of those events he creates images that mix symbolism, myth and teather where past, present and immagination are blended evoking personal memories. In contrast with visually austere Japanese culture he uses a baroque visual language. Hosoe shoots exclusively in black and white and says “I love black, in black we can imagine many things and make them ours”. At the center of Hosoe’s works is always the human body, in his pictures we find the masked fascination of death and eroticism; he plays carefully with black and white contrasts, with pain and tenderness. Unlike Araki in Hosoe there are few stark grainy images often illustrating a part of the body suggesting the whole picture in the viewer’s mind. Through his friendships and artistic collaborations he is linked with the writer Yukio Mishima and 1960s avant-garde artists such as the dancer Tatsumi Hijikata.




Aperture Masters


Park sungmin




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