Daido Moriyama

Over the wintry forest, winds howl in  rage with no leaves to blow.

haiku by Soseki Natsume





Hiromichi (Daido) Moriyama was born in Osaka in 1938. Lives and works in Tokio. In 1961 is an assistant to Eikoh Hosoe, in 1964 starts working freelance and three years later receives the prize as an emergent artist by the Japan Photo-Critics Association. In 1967 starts a collaboration with Provoke Magazine, for which makes two famous series: the first, shot in a brothel, the second in a drugstore in Aoyama during the 1968 political rallies. In the 90s international success insues and he is celebrated in museums such as Tate Modern in London, SFMOMA in San Francisco, the New Yourk’s Metropolitan Museum, the Winterthur Photo-Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vigo in Spain. Moriyama’s photography finds its natural theater in the streets, in an incessant and obstinate search that pushes him to shoot thousands and thousands photographs every day for years on end. High-contratsed, blurred, shaken, overexposed and grainy, images of a photographer on the road, with no ties, place or social conventions, everything is worthy of being photographed, regardless of the subject, no matter who the author because there is no distinction between reality experienced and reality of the image. Often Moriyama shots photographs already printed on magazines, on commercials or television mixed with live shots. To Moriyama photography can find the only truth that exists when the time of the photographer and the fragmented life of the world meet.








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