Nobuyoshi Araki

Winter warbler long ago, on Wang Wei’s brushwood fence.

haiku by Yosa Buson





Nobuyoshi Araki was born in 1940 in Tokio, he is is one of the most celebrated photographers in Japan and one of the most prolific photographers in the world. He has published over 400 books and is considered a master of contemporary erotic photography and cinema. After the wedding with Yoko Araki publishes a photo series (Sentimental journey, 1971), of the wife on honeymoon. Yoko dies of cancer in 1990. Photos of her last days are published by the Japanese artist in the book “Winter Journey”. Known for his reportages on the Japanese sesx industry (published in “Tokyo Lucky Hole”), he researches all that represents the fragility of being and its transformation through time. His most well known images: women tied with ropes in Kinbaku style recalling sex slavery, sensual flowers, women in kimono, chaotic streets, clouds and sunsets. The woman in Tokio becomes the absolute protagonist of a tale through Polaroids, hand-retouched black and white films exploring the borders between sacred and profane, reality and fiction. In his shots manifest several forms of erotic desire that has its climax in the exploration of death, Eros and Thanatos brush and mix. Admired for his sensuality and despised for his hard stance, provoking and bordering pornography. Balanced between tradition and innovation, where present and past collide, Araki says: “Women interest me pecause they are mysterious and treacherous; madonnas at times, other whores. With their complex aspects they never bore me”…”I don’t care about being consistent. Everything can go to hell. Even books have to be lived and consumed, just like Polaroids that slowly change and disappear”




Kroutchev Planet Photo

Edo Tokyo Museum, Japan (via Richard Atero De Guzman)

Takaishii Gallery





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