Ana Nonymous

“And then the day came,/
when the risk/
to remain tight/
in a bud/
was more painful/
than the risk/
it took/
to Blossom.”

Anais Nin


I was born in early fall in Southwestern Ontario to a bricklayer father and a mother who could do just about anything and I had only one brother and then a lot later, a sister. Although raised in Ontario, my family moved around a lot, I’ve lived in both ends of the country and lots of places in between. I dabbled in photography, but art was my passion. I would fool around with scrapbooking for friends and family. A few years back I decided to get serious, got a DSLR, and started learning anew. The digital age, really changed the photography scene, no fussing with film, any mistakes could easily disappear, and save literally thousands. The advantage of seeing the finished product before just astounded me. The human face and form has always intrigued me, fascinated with movement, and sensuality. I decided that was where my photography would go. I then learned about layers and textures, such wonderful additions to the mystery. Life always moving, always changing, and I always eager to learn more.

Ana Nonymous link: Flickr portfolioDSCF6314


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