Michaela Knizova, Nynewe

“Color floods to the spot, dull purple.
The rest of the body is all washed out, The color of pearl.
In a pit of rock
The sea sucks obsessively,
One hollow the whole sea’s pivot.
The size of a fly,
The doom mark
Crawls down the wall.
The heart shuts,
The sea slides back,
The mirrors are sheeted.”

Sylvia Plath


“I started as a painter and currently I devote myself mainly to photography. My art is intuitive with inner stories and with my inner myth. I work mostly with myself, with my personality and my body. I think that through self-portrait I could express my artistic intentions. My topics often related to existing fotgotten stories or dark paranormal feminity. Photographic reality is not part of my art. I mystify real life and I change it into fiction, into darker reality. Some photos are full with the symbolism of the classic fairy tale. I use sometimes traditional native folk costume in my photography, videos or performances.
There are emotions behind each of the photographs because I took them spontaneously and they are often reactions to something I had experienced, read, seen or heard. Some of them are allusions to famous films, some of them picture saints, others are reactions to the art and lives of my favourite writers – Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf. They capture women in borderline situations, feeling extreme pain, love, devotion or fear. Usually it is me on the pictures – this is another thing that connects them in a way.
My last project, Agast Atera En, is the outcome of different jorneys throughout Europe. It represents the foundation of a new mythology inspired by places I have found by intuition and chance. Using archetypes and artifacts of dark ages as well as elements of slavic myths, I let my body become part of ancient sceneries. Thus I create a vision of unsettling shadows that still haunt the man in the civilized world.”


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