Tina Kazakhishvili

“Nous qui nous sommes aimés
Nous t’avons oublié
Toi ne nous oublie pas
Nous n’avions que toi sur la terre
Ne nous laisse pas devenir froids
Beaucoup plus loin toujours
Et n’importe où
Donne-nous signe de vie..”

Cet amour – Jacques Prévert


“No matter of genre, documentary, nude or anything else, everything that is related to the lives of humans and their being fascinates me and is worth to photograph.
I always try to avoid any verbal explanations, including giving them titles. I believe photos are stories talking for themselves and there is no need to help them with words.
Initially photography seemed just a hobby, additional assisting tool for my projects. But later eventually it turned into my another profession.
I rarely take photos planned in advance.
Majority of my photographs are taken spontaneously, reflecting the emotions of the moment.”

Tina Kazakhishvili link: Flickr portfolioDSCF6314


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