Kalliopi Asa

”But love and the imagination
are of a piece,
swift as the light
to avoid destruction.
So we come to watch time’s flight
as we might watch
summer lightning
or fireflies,secure,
by grace of the imagination,
safe in its care.”

Asphodel,That Greeny Flower. William Carlos Williams


“I was born in Greece and studied Fine Arts at the University of Athens and later attained my Masters Degree in Paris, Beaux Arts. In the last few years I have also occupied myself with photography and have simultaneously attended various seminars and workshops..
It was a peaceful afternoon. I sat by the window and gazed out towards the tranquil sea. For the first time I thought of the different windows that people open and close during their life << windows of the heart>>.
Suddenly I noticed a vertical figure of a woman plunging into the still waters. The image appeared from nowhere but sparked off my own personal immersion into the vast realm of photography. That’s when my adventure began.
Memories, reality, dream – these are some of the windows I open and close.
But is life not a dream? One from which we often escape – deliberately sometimes.  Time is an accumulation of moments which is out of our control and cannot fit into any box. The same is true for photographs. They belong to a part of our memory which is autonomous and decides solely when to reawaken.
It is a unique way of conveying death – conveying life. It brings to life a memory which is out of our influence and hence, an unchangeable result. It is a final, absolute moment which escapes from us forever – one which doesn’t belong to us anymore..
I am moved by anything which is out of my control- Nothing is mine – only the windows which I open and close through the eye of my camera. With every shot I set free a part of my heart………into the wind which is beyond my reach.

Kalliopi Asargiotaki link: Flickr portfolioDSCF6314


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