Amanda Elledge, (X) 99

“Au milieu de l’hiver, j’ai découvert en moi un invincible été.” – Albert Camus


Amanda Elledge, b. 1978, is an American photographer who has been living in northern France since 2003.She first started taking photographs in 2006 as a form of escapism to cope with the boredom of daily life, but what started as a hobby quickly became an obsession.She now uses photography as a form of self-expression, a documentation & validation of her everyday life. One may feel the underlying frustrations, joys, passion & pain in her work that she may feel as a mother, a lover, a foreigner, and a 30-something woman in today’s society. She often uses layers in her work, perhaps a sort of symbolism to how complex life really is, a reminder that nothing is quite how it seems. We sense that her style of photography can vary just as much as her moods, as if she never really wants to commit to any one particular style, a hopeless daydreamer, in love with too much.Amanda uses a variety of material for her photos, from scanners to typewriters to 35mm film to cheap digital cameras, always creating the layers and textures herself. Her work has often been called “experimental”, “feminine”, and “poetic”.

Amanda Elledge, (X) 99 link: Flickr portfolioDSCF6314


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