The Great, Letizia Battaglia


LETIZIA BATTAGLIA was born in Palermo,where she lives. She is one of the most famous journalist photographers,very appreciated for her social engagement and courageous shots which show crimes committed by the Mafia,in particular during the bloody 70s in Palermo. Her crude shots have related the evils and the nobility of her city and have revealed the desperation of the victims of dreadful crimes and sudden deaths in the streets. Her shots are in black and white,so her photography shows the dicotomy between Good and Evil,light and dark; her images become the black and white pages of the History of a suffering Italy and nowadays they make us reflect upon those years. Letizia Battaglia has suffered a lot upon all that dreadful injustice that her images have reminded her inceasingly. That is why she has recently tried to overcome that tragic memory and has created new photographs where a woman, symbol of life, interacts with the old images. In 1985 she was the first woman in Europe to receive the l’ Eugene Smith Award, and the Cornell Capa Infinity Award, the Mother Jones Achievement for Life USA, the Dr Erich Salomon Germany.


Wikipedia | Letizia Battaglia


the Art ship

Triennale di Milano




A/R Andata e Ritorno

Letizia Battaglia link : Letizia BattagliaDSCF6314


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