The Guest, Susan Wolff

“In skirting the role of the artist, I now begin to think that I have made too wide a curve, that I have deprived myself of a certain strength. Indeed, I am not sure that I can grow as an artist until I can bring myself to accept that I am one.”

Anne Truitt, “Daybook”


“I have chosen a selection of abstractions, scenes, nudes and portraits, from the last 6 years of work with a camera. I had never thought of myself as a “woman photographer”, merely a photographer, or artist or poet but not with the adjective, yet perhaps there are things that can be said after all. As a working single mother, analog cameras had been too expensive for me and I had used hand-me-downs for restoration and when I needed one. In 2008 when I finally bought my own camera, it was a Canon Powershot G9 for a decent price and with online editing I could shoot as many as I wanted without thinking about money. With the zoom and macro, I thought I would record close-ups of cloth, or wood, images of reality. But the camera led the exploration into things I had not imagined: abstractions of scenes, nudes and portraits of breathtaking beauty. “Looking into these images is like looking at a body under water, where we are aware that the surface distorts, but also where the distortion informs us of a new fluidity. It informs us that the flesh is susceptible to change..” Karl Hurst. I had been working with the abstract world of visual art with roofing paper, old metals, textiles and old paintings but this was different. This was a world of new luminous reflections through the digital screen which cannot be reproduced in print and I think it will continue to fascinate me for a long time.”


Susan Wolff link: Flickr portfolio



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