The Guest, Thea Curtis

“I think all art is about control -­‐ the encounter between control and the


Richard Avedon

Personal Note: The photograph transforms the subject to an object and converts the moment into a frozen frame. Before and after are mysterious unknown, however on the time axis in the 4th dimension, exists. This basic tension of photography fascinates me endlessly.

First photographic experiment

The public beheading of Kim Sun-­‐il on 22/06/2004 on the Internet was the trigger for the photographic and textual job «Cuts». Physical pain, fainting, disgust and torture. How much of it tolerates a human life? How many images of brutal attacks we can see before we become blind? Disgust in a fleeting moment, then when everyone feels that we are all monsters. Cuts — deep, deeper and too deep.

Latest experiments

The anatomy of a moment

The order of things is messed up. The perspective changes and the subject becomes object. Distorted and exaggerated. Voltage. Never far away. The length of the arm to the camera gives the cut. It varies, changes the angle but can never go in objective distance. Inside is outside.

The Labyrinth of own mortality lurks. Welcomes you. Ecstatic move your eyelids as deeper you stagger through the corridors. Your lashes all wet — it’s late, late in time, late for you.
The Asexual frolicking bodies inside Love kill and die.
In you.
Ariadne will not come.

 Thea Curtis link: Flickr portfolio



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