The Great, Sarah Moon

SARAH MOON SARAH MOON (born 1941), previously known as Marielle Hadengue, is a French photographer. Initially a model, she turned to fashion photography in the 1970s. Since 1985, she has concentrated on gallery and film work. As a teenager she studied drawing before working as a model in London and Paris (1960–1966) . She also became interested in photography, taking shots of her model colleagues. In 1970, she finally decided to spend all her time on photography rather than modelling, adopting Sarah Moon as her new name. She successfully captured the fashionable atmosphere of London after the “swinging sixties”, working closely with Barbara Hulanicki , who had launched the popular clothes store Biba. In 1972, she shot the Pirelli calendar, the first woman to do so. After working for a long time with Cacharel , her reputation grew and she also received commissions from Chanel, Dior, Comme des Garcons and Vogue. In 1985, she moved into gallery and film work, even making a pop video, Aicha by Khaled. She moved behind the camera in 1970 when she was already 29. More than any other photographer, she shaped the visual atmosphere of fashionable London in the period between the demise of its swinging sixties and the rise of punk. In her pictures, there was a child-like playing with historical imagery — of the 1930s and the 1890s, in particular — and a fragility to the models. In 1972, she became the first woman to photograph the Pirelli calendar. She shot in Paris, at the Villa des Tilleuls, in a rich, blurry colour reminiscent of Degas’ paintings of ballerinas. The models are small women, childlike, with rosebud lips and dressed, mostly, in archaic underwear. What little bare flesh there is seems accidenta, and quite unvoyeuristic. SOURCES : 3SMOON – Rafael Roa Fotografia y mas Artemis Dreaming, Sarah Moon Anthony Luke’s Photography Staley-Wise Gallery Staley-Wise Gallery | Sarah Moon Galleria d’Arte di Marisa Poliani Sarah Moon is a master of Photography

Sarah Moon link : Wikipedia | Sarah MoonDSCF6314


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