Johnny Micheletto

Dino Formaggio : ‘Art is everything than Man calls Art’.

 Johnny Micheletto  

I was born in Australia to Italian parents and from an early age I cultivated a passion for cinema, television, and later on, the other visual arts. In 1977, having returned to Italy, I bought my first reflex camera and the equipment for my own dark room so I could experiment. In went on to work as a photographer for weddings and interiors, and taught photography and its history on numerous private courses. In 1984 I founded, with two partners, a video production company, working as a  director, director of photography and also in production. From 1991, as a documentary film cameraman, I worked in thirty countries across every continent. With the advent of digital photography, I took up again the experimental photography I had left behind over the years, focusing on exploiting the possibilities offered by these new cameras to create abstract images. Later I began using Photoshop to create e-paintings. As a lover of Pop Art but also of Action Painting (Pollock, de Kooning, Rothko) I began to develop abstract painting working from a ‘blank canvas’, in which the exploration of symbolism/signs is wedded to the use of layers. I give special attention to the choice of colour palettes in my work (you won’t find much green or orange). More recently I have been using techniques that can be traced back to the Pattern & Decoration Art Movement.

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