“Je est un autre.”
Arthur Rimbaud’


“My name is Oleg Kem, I grew up in Russia, resettled in Germany, because of the war situation, current place of residence Munich.
For me photography is a journey of discovery to forbidden places, who would not want already come up with?
The line between reality and our dreams is certainly blurred and exactly in this area I am traveling with my equipment.
You can learn about the world – when you look at new things from a different perspective. The solution of a problem often lies in the details…
Psychology, symbolism, H. P. Lovecraft, F.M.Dostoevsky, V. Nabokov, sexuality, our fears, etc. are some of my sources of inspiration that should be mentioned.
Vision and imagination are as important as bread and water, especially in our time, one must not stop dreaming ..



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 All photographic images are copyright.
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