Il nous faut peu de mots pour exprimer l’essentiel. paul éluard


A visual story teller who’s aim is to picture and to create emotion.
To seek beauty in all places,
To sketch, to evoke.
To explore the limits of light and dark.
To play on the edge of motion.
And let the viewer’s imagination make up the story


© Copyright
 All photographic images are copyright.
All rights reserved so if you’d like to use them in any way, please contact.

Un pensiero su “KATERINA

  1. Some of her works are like an anatomy of the soul.
    is a movement that draws a feeling.
    elegance, harmony, beauty.
    and all this is contained in the feeling of a precious moment.
    a precious moment that materializes when you close your eyes. and you leave free the reason and your mind.
    is a feeling that belongs to the realm of the soul. To the sphere of memory. you can feel the heat of an emotion and a feeling in the works of Katerina.


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