The image is spirit, matter, time, space, occasion for looking. Tracks that are evidence of ourselves and the sign of a culture that lives ceaselessly rhythms that govern memory, history, standards of knowledge.
Mario Giacomelli

L’immagine è spirito, materia, tempo, spazio, occasione per lo sguardo. Tracce che sono prove di noi stessi e il segno di una cultura che vive incessantemente i ritmi che reggono la memoria, la storia, le norme del sapere.
Mario Giacomelli


“Who Am I?
Photography has always been my hobby and my only passion: since the time I used to shot with film, I’ve been focused on improving the esthetics and the technical quality of each picture. In the 70’s and in the 80’s, I was deeply involved in the activity of the Photographic Club in Milan, and I used to develop all my black and white pictures in my own dark room. I was often taking part to photographic competitions, getting awards and recognition, and I had many chances to showcase my work in individual and group exhibitions. I was always trying to enhance my skills listening to other fellows advices, visiting exhibitions and reading magazines and books.
Back then, I spent long time with Mario Giacomelli, the “Maestro”, which changed my perspective on photography: since then, he has been my benchmark and my favorite photographer, and the time we spent together chatting and working has been a wonderful and unforgettable life experience.
After a hiatus that lasted more than 10 years, i went back to photography, this time using digital cameras. I like to use simple cameras, and to think that I don’t need reflex with interchangeable lenses to get good pictures. What I aim for is to catch with a picture the ephemeral moods of life; but I don’t know what exactly is photography to me. I don’t know as well what I’m going to shoot. A light, a face, a wall. I don’t give credit to the moment I shot. It’s the total freedom of emotions that drives me: when I’m shooting, the world around me disappears and there is just me, the light, and my emotions.
And if these moments interest and engage other people, in any way, I’m just happy. That’s it.”


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 All photographic images are copyright.
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