THE GUEST, Antonio Palmerini

una poesia? Ho troppo rispetto per la poesia affinchè possa “affittarne” una che mi accompagni in questa sfilata. Ma se qualcuno ci vedrà una poesia, anche fosse in una sola immagine, quella sarà “la sua poesia”.. ed io allora sarò felice di condividerla con lei/lui.

Antonio Palmerini

Antonio Palmerini “I usually paint what cannot be photographed and photograph what I do not desire to paint. If I am interested in a portrait, a face, I use my camera; it is definitely a much more rapid process than painting or drawing. When there are things that cannot be photographed, like a dream or an unconscious stimulus, then of course I have to use a paint or a drawing to channel this idea. For me photography is the mirror of imagination. Rather than take a traditional representation of a face, of a landscape, I prefer to take a tissue, twist it, bend it, and portray it as I please.I am interested in photos when they witness a situation.I am not interested in people just for a simple portrait, I am interested in them because they exist.”                                                                                       

LINK : Antonio Palmerini

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