Eu adoro todas as coisas
E o meu coração é um albergue aberto toda a noite.
Tenho pela vida um interesse ávido
Que busca compreendê-la sentindo-a muito.
Amo tudo, animo tudo, empresto humanidade a tudo,
Aos homens e ás pedras, ás almas e ás máquinas,
Para aumentar com isso a minha personalidade.

Acordar- Alvaro de Campos

ANA CALDAS“My work in Photography is about a state , a state of mind , of feelings and a mixture . Is about everything and everything can be nothing that turns in everything . Is a curiosity about the world, the essence and the matter, is to try to understand until i can not understand anymore . Is a condition, is not about me, is what i see that is inside of me . Is also about a woman can feel because I’m a woman , because i can feel like that. I think that “feminine state” is there . A long presence, a distant one .Is a naive state sometimes, others is a deep one. I’m Ana and i was born in a small country called Portugal”.

 LINK : Ana Caldas

© Copyright  All photographic images are copyright.
All rights reserved so if you’d like to use them in any way, please contact.




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