“Tanzt, sonst sind wir verloren.”

Pina Bausch


what can I say about me.
I am a woman.
I am a mother.
I am interested in healing, in connection, in love.
I will die some day.
I think about this.
I love people, literature and movies.
I love wind and music.
I love photography and its frozen moments but
I feel more like a sculptor or a performer.
My pictures are nearly all staged, there are just very rare snapshots.
I started taking photos when I stopped dancing.
In the very beginning I studied philosophy and literature and I only started dancing and acting quite late, at the age of 24.
So I went from my head to my body and finally back.
Dancing changed my life and that´s why I think anybody should dance.
Today, I work as a therapist and dance therapist.
Besides being a photograher, I shoot videos, develop performances from time to time, watch movies each and every day and work for a hospice.


© Copyright  All photographic images are copyright.
All rights reserved so if you’d like to use them in any way, please contact.



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