Editorial by Annalisa Ceolin



VISIONS is a new web magazine by ****contrasted gallery on flickr. VISIONS is periodic, thematic and multimedia. This Number 2 is a project curated by Annalisa Ceolin. VISIONS is an idea of Manuel Diumenjó.

                                                                                 THE PROJECT

For this Issue , I have chosen the theme “BEYOND PHOTOGRAPHY“, so were invited authors and authoresses whose research touches on the boundaries of photography.You will neither find expected, attractive, images nor formal homologated styles among them. Each author has a strong personnality, its own DNA, sometimes immediate to understand and sometimes complex and hermetic. There is a “common thread” that connects all photographs: introspection. The photographers express themselves, their identity and their inner life, through images that arouse emotions, but also misunderstandings, enigmas, complexity, ambiguity. A formal richness and of a not common content.
You will find conceptual, minimalist images , similar to the painting. Distorted, abstract, graphic, mysterious pictures. So thank to these authors who have allowed us to share their photos, their research which is not attributable to a simple form of expression. In this issue of VISIONS 2 you will recognize their life and soul, the most hidden feelings, fears, their past and future. These authors came to their most intimated essence, are just themselves and their being is expressed in the images that you will find in VISIONS 2 and that I wish you love and appreciate as it has been for me .So thank you all with great esteem and affection. Special thanks to Roberto.

As in previous number of VISIONS, the magazine is divided into four sections: THE GREATS that are part of the contemporary History of Photography and, THE GUESTS who have exhibited at**** contrasted gallery on Flickr and are distinguished by the maturity of their path, THE AUTHORS largely photographers of FLICKR who have established themselves for their stylistic originality  trailers of THE FILMS  inspired by the literature.


Mario Giacomelli the MASTER  of great contrasts, Francesca Woodman in deserted interior spaces, Paolo Gioli the creative use of the technique, Christian Coigny advertising and improbable sculptures, David Halliday poetic still lifes.

Ana Caldas a state of mind and feelings , Piet Biniek photograher, shoot videos, performances, Antonio Palmerini photographing what he does not want to paint , Laura Visigalli see all that is hidden inside.


You will find conceptual, minimalist images, similar to the painting. Distorted, abstract, graphic, mysterious pictures with :

  Jack BarnoskiMarc BluresqueRocco Carnevale Κατερίνα,  Chrisfriel,  Kersti_K Katie GriesarKem Oleg,  Josep Maria Linares,  Johnny MichelettoNadia NardelliGiovanni Paolini, PauDesforest Sotblindphot,  Tapatim,   Victoria lo.

© Copyright
 All photographic images are copyright.
All rights reserved so if you’d like to use them in any way, please contact.

images and literature
Naked Lunch, by David Cronenberg (from the book of  Williams Burroughs)
Prospero’s Books, by Peter Greenway (from Shakespeare The Tempest)
L’année derniere à Marienbad, by Alain Resnais (from Alain Robbe-Grillet )
Il Vangelo secondo Matteo, by Pier Paolo Pasolini



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