Life is a movie, MARYKO-RRADY ( Mary Corradi )

you have to destroy all old ways of feeling things, seeing things, saying things

Gertrude Stein

MARYKO-RRADY ( Mary Corradi ) A versatile artist, with a degree in Graphics. Her polymorphism is evident in her expressive history, original even when manipulating techniques such as painting and photography. Fond of the two-dimensionality of twentieth-century illustrations, she is also influenced by the Japanese comics experience. She is essential in moulding basic and recyclable materials. The volumetric and spatial play performed by the artist never changes, regardless of the technique she uses.
Her experiences as writer, dramatist, choreographer, stage director and actress, as well as performer, are an essential part of her past, which is reflected in her works, especially in photography. Designer, fashion and visual designer, interior designer and installer.

© Copyright  All photographic images are copyright. All rights reserved so if you’d like to use them in any way, please contact.



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