Life is a movie, MONTSERRAT DIAZ

“To look at something is a choice. Someone who looks decides to pause on a certain thing, and therefore exclude everything else in his field of vision. In this sense, looking – the essence of life – is above all a form of rejection. To live means to reject.” A. Nothomb, The character of Rain (Metaphysic of tubes)

 MONTSERRAT DIAZ “My works fully represent my way of being. Sometimes watching them collected You could think to be in front of works by two or more distinct authors, being so contrasting in style one each other, but a common denominator exists: movement and gaze. My characters often walk, dance, get away, they decide to watch either to be watched. Like them, I change continuously. I will never stop experimenting new forms and to try new styles because I firmly believe in the plurality of being. Movement is everything. The characters in my works are mostly “strangers” encountered in the streets. Their gait, their posture or even simply their clothes told me much about them, as much as a glimpse would have done and, like a butterflies’ collector, I have watched and kept them to bring them into a dream world, giving them a new life.”

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