Life is a movie, ELENI MAHERA

“If we do not realise that God wants us to exploit the potential He bestowed on us so that we produce magic, it is not worth living.”
Maro Vamvounaki, Greek author

ELENI MAHERA  “I was born and raised in Agios Lavrentios, a small village on Mt Pelion, Greece but I am currently living in Komotini, where I work as a teacher. My first contact with photography came in 2009 through a course offered by a local photography club. What actually gave me a new insight not only into photography but in life altogether was the sudden loss of a beloved person: my mother. In an attempt to redefine myself, photography came as a real blessing, an outlet for my pent-up emotions. My “project” is to make the most of this therapeutical effect photography has on me and transform my inner world into images.
As for my gear, I have been using a Canon 550D and the moment I realized that the “street” was for me, I purchased a 28mm/1.8, which is my only lens.”

© Copyright  All photographic images are copyright. All rights reserved so if you’d like to use them in any way, please contact.



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