Life is a movie , ROBERT KALMAN

“My method has been simple…. I try to establish a calm space in which we can be together, hoping that our mutual sincerity can emerge….

“In each of them I find myself; or is it that I can lose myself, briefly, embraced as I am by their willingness, their moment of trust. I look hard. I step aside…. They look deeply into the lens, as in a long, private look in a bathroom mirror: It is there, in the mirror, that we expose ourselves, for just a moment, before ego overwhelms us again.”

– Joel Meyerowitz

 ROBERT KALMAN ” I was born in New York City in 1949.I first picked up a camera in 1970 in order to “look hard,” recording my world as a documentarian. In 1987 I traded my hand held camera for large format photography so that I could concentrate on making formal portraits of the people I stopped on the street.My wish is to get close to people. Not just physically close, emotionally close. For me, it is the essence of photography: placing a moment’s intimacy on film allows that moment to exist forever.”Web site:© Copyright  All photographic images are copyright. All rights reserved so if you’d like to use them in any way, please contact.


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