Life is a movie , Paulo Correia

“Seule la photographie peut saisir et garder une trace de ce qui n’avait encore jamais été
et ne sera plus.”

Claude Simon

Paulo Correia was born in Sines, 1966, Portugal.With a multidisciplinary academic path in cultural animation (University of Paris V) and cultural practices (Universidade Nova de Lisboa), he did not resist the charms of screen printing. He attended António Inverno’s atelier (1987), and moved on to set up a workshop at Emmerico Nunes Cultural Centre in Sines (1988), where he would come to produce the institute’ supports for external communication, and found the perfect combination of a screen printing shop with a b&w photography lab that already existed in the institution.He was a cultural producer up to 2010. He followed the fine arts field, as well as that of music, theatre and street performance, having coordinated the production of two yearly international festivals over a period of ten years. He now lives and works in Lisbon, having abandoned production while getting back to photography.

This selection for Visions is essentially a revisit to Portuguese cinema in the 1940’s and 50’s – António Lopes Ribeiro (1908-1995), José Leitão de Barros (1896-1967) and Manuel de Oliveira (1908-2015), among others. Also, it roams through what has never made part in any film soundtrack, although it could have made it, such as Lonely Carousel, from the album “Cinema”, Rodrigo Leão (2005); and even through what has never been a cinematographic subject such as Fernando Pessoa’s three mourning vigilantes, in “The Mariner” (1915).

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