Life is a movie , Piotr Kaczmarek


PIOTR KACZMAREK “I was born in the early seventies in Poland
When I was growing up was big economic crisis in my country . Communist realities caused that I could only dream to have a good photo camera in those time. Behind it was a fairly easy access to music and film through radio, television and cinema. first time I took pictures at the festival of independent music in 1987 by borrowed camera. the first camera I bought more than 10 years later.
Since when I have a digital camera I shoot much more often.
From few yars, I try to take the camera everyday and everywhere with me and often is it one of the my analogue cameras.
I try to show the world around me, sometimes surrealist and abstract with bit of humor like in the movies cult Polish movie director Stanislaw Bareja, beauty and ugliness world at the same time
From few years I show what I photograph by Flickr
I started as color photographer but for a long time engulfed me black and white. photography easier to learn a control exposure and composition.
Now is mainly the colors are the theme of my photos but I do not show also other photos in black-and-white backroom reports from mostly independent music concerts which I visit
I learn and get inspiration watching pictures of other photographers. mainly other amateurs but sometimes also from the classics of photography
My photos were used occasionally on various websites, as motives, printed as posters independent music concerts, book cover and I had a presentation in the under dogs photography magazine ( thank Isa Gelb )
In my professional life I am associated with architecture and only few people around me knows what I do after work.
Life is surprising but I hope that I will still continue photography as my hobby.
thank you. Piotr Kaczmarek

© Copyright  All photographic images are copyright. All rights reserved so if you’d like to use them in any way, please contact.


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