Life is a movie , Eduardo Arrona

“One of the best ways you can compliment a movie with is by falling asleep while seeing it, because it invites you to dream” Christopher Doyle

EDUARDO ARRONA   born in Guadalajara City, Mexico, has being taking photographs for 3 years particularly in Guadalajara’s downtown. Since, he is being inclined for experimenting with B&W portrait. His method has consisted in exploring the worlds of photography and technological support by self-study and developing a understanding of a different way to see, of course, personally. “I am not so sure what the photography is in my life, but it may be what push me to keep exploring, exploring me by these ways”.

© Copyright  All photographic images are copyright. All rights reserved so if you’d like to use them in any way, please contact.


Un pensiero su “Life is a movie , Eduardo Arrona


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