Life is a movie , Lukas Vasilikos

stop-frames of movies
Cinema and photography
Many people argue that photography and cinema have their close affinity. My personal view tends to be that the photo describes, while cinema narrates. The narrative that may be included in a photo is arbitrary result of descriptive elements. In the case of cinema narrative precedes the description.
The photo is enclosed in an instant of time, while cinema is in progress. This is why the photo speaks more effectively for time, as the mystery is enclosed and defined in the condensation of the photographic moment. On the other hand, time is diffused in the film duration. The cinema is defined by the length and movement, while the photo of the non permanence and immobility.
The photographic image stands in an abstract space in a moment in time, a site certificate, wherein the words or objects are recognized, but they have neither a sense nor unique content, only countless extensions. The movie flows in an environment specific and plausible, as the stories and myths, where words or images are taking the meaning that other words and images give them.
I consider my images in some instances as stop-frames of movies, parts of a narration that I am still working on while trying to express in those images my thoughts and feelings.


LUKAS VASILIKOS (b. 1975, Crete, Greece)
Lukas Vasilikos started photography in 2006 and soon became an active figure in the burgeoning online street photography scene, winning various awards along the way. Beside his improvised street photographs, Lukas is also working on a more personal project exploring intimate family life, angst and loss.
In 2015 his work will be published in the new Gomma books influential album ‘Suture’, showcasing some of the top contemporary photographers. Lukas is a member of the “Depression Era” team of artists and writers that record the Greek crisis and he participated in an exhibition that took place in March 2014 at Palais de Beax Arts (Bozar), Belgium and in DUPON gallery part of Mois de la Photo a Paris in November 2014. He is also a member of the international collective “street-photographers” and the “Photography Circle”.

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